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Dov Golodner, M.A.

I am a California licensed professional clinical counselor and marriage and family therapist in private practice. In addition, I have worked professionally for nearly two decades as a career counselor and workforce program developer. I offer career guidance, coaching and psychotherapy to individuals and couples in Presidio Heights and downtown San Francisco. 

Counseling emerged as a career path for me following my path as a musician, political organizer and nonprofit programs manager. As a musician I came to intimately sense the connection and inspiration in communicating with another powerfully using a language beyond words. This connection compelled me to dedicate myself toward benefitting my community, organizing successful campaigns to improve the schools, health care and labor conditions in San Francisco. Through these experiences I was able to develop and manage a number of vocational support programs including, most recently, the tech sector focused TechSF program that offers federally funded training and counseling to those navigating careers in tech.

It has always personally been important for me to not only remain grounded in meaning and purpose on my journey, but to always strive to reach my greatest potential. This is a life long pursuit and I find that it is in collaborating and guiding others that I am at my best. 



M,A, in Psychotherapy with an emphasis on Jungian Depth Psychology, Pacifica Graduate Institute, 2016


Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT114010

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor , PCCi #2954

California Association of Marriage &  Family Therapists (CAMFT) 

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